2019-10-15: Opener for "Yuko Araki" (live collabo with "Onno Ennoson" as SPEEDROON NOORDEEPS) @ FLUC, Vienna


Solo harshnoise project of Christoph F. (owner of Dry Lungs Records) from Vienna that started out in 2002 but has only had its live and physical-release debuts in 2015!

Trying to process whatever life throws at him with any means necessary this is a true “self-medication through harsh noise” approach to this underground art.
A mainly analogue effect chain with some digital accents always accompanies his sonic endeavors but nothing is set in stone when it comes to the actual input
which can range from his trusted synth(s) to (self-made) instruments, always trying something new to never get bored and constantly evolve!

Always interested in playing live (as FIDL would be preffered tho) or releasing something, just get in touch with me via mail or social media: instagram & twitter


If you are interested in anything feel free to contact me directly or if you prefer check out my Discogs & eBay listings!

A track I recorded with this equipment has been released on a compilation by Beyond Andromeda Records on 2018-09-15!

The recording of the radio versus performance I did with "Bruising Pattern" in Slovenia in 2017 has been released on CD-R by Breaching Static on 2018-01-12!

The collabo tape I recorded with my friend "Lorenzo Abattoir" using this equipment has been released by Reason Art Records on 2017-11-14!

My debut 3" CD-R titled Alltagsgeschichte which was recorded with this equipment has been released by FallIntoVoidRecords on 2016-11-24!

Another two-parter with part 1 on tape and part 2 digital for the FIVR 120 - Seasonal Stages Of Decay: A Fall Into Void Recs Halloween Comp:

2 of my tracks were put on the lovingly handmade FIVR 100 - The Fall Into Void Recs All-Star Orchestra 2K16 Christmas Extravaganza:


2019-09-06: Zasavje Noise Fest International Volume 6 @ Power Station 125 MW, Trbovlje, SLOVENIA
2019-09-05: ZNFI Pre Fest (live collabo with "Emerge & B°Tong" replacing "Puce Mary" because her flight was delayed) @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (FB event) ¹
2019-07-27: AUgust SommerpAUse 2019 (live collabo with "Exedo") @ AU, Vienna (FB event) ¹
2019-04-14: FIDL Ear Purification Tour Day 2 with EMERGE - Surprise Solo @ Private Location, Frankfurt, GERMANY
2019-02-24: Red Out x Skrei (live collabo with "Onno Ennoson" as SPEEDROON NOORDEEPS) @ AU, Vienna (FB event) ¹
2019-01-06: Red Out x Belle Confusion @ AU, Vienna (FB event) ¹
2018-01-21: Beyond Andromeda Obscure Fest II @ Honey Artspace, Minsk, BELARUS
2018-01-06: Lauter Lärm 3 @ Venster99, Vienna
2017-10-28: MROŽ Fest 2017 @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (Website) ¹
2017-02-18: NOTYOURWORLDMUSIC bookpresentation&liveset by C-drik w/ local support @ Einbaumöbel, Vienna (FB event) ¹
2016-09-24: Panzerschokolade #12 @ EKH, Vienna
2016-02-26: PS @ Einbaumöbel, Vienna ¹
2016-01-30: Panzerschokolade #11 @ EKH, Vienna
2015-11-14: Panzerschokolade #10 @ EKH, Vienna
2015-08-22: Panzerschokolade Tropicana #2 @ FUGA, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
2015-03-28: Panzerschokolade #9 @ EKH, Vienna
2015-01-10: Panzerschokolade #8 @ EKH, Vienna

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